The schedule for this upcoming weekends tournament is now posted at www.WMYLC.org

Boys U13 play their first game Satuday at Noon on Field 1

Boys U15 play their first game Saturday at 4:30 on Field 1


Parents of Players Both Boys and Girls Lacrosse;

We need your help!

The league has requested 4 volunteers for each club for the upcoming tournament.  Links are below for sign up.  Deadline for signing up is Sunday, May 24th.








WMYLC 2015 Tournament T-shirts are now available for pre-sale on the WMYLC Website.  We urge you to pre-order your shirts before the day of the event as we will run out.  Go to the WMYLC homepage at www.wmylc.org and click on the link.

This year's event is May 30th for the Boys and May 31st for the Girls at Urbana High School and Urbana Farm Fields. 





Future practices for the U15 team will be at the Food Lion field every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30 - 7:30 pm. 


Notice to parents and volunteers;


We are still looking for assistant coaches at the U15 and U13 level.  Everyone is welcome. Experience not essential. Please contact the U15 and U13 coaches if you think you may be interested. 


We are looking for volunteers to help prepare the fields this weekend. Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Anyone interested please contact the Boys Coordinator, George Grillon at omfs_specialists@verizon.net

Dear Coaches, Parents and Players of WMYLC;

The WMYLC Board wanted to insure that each member of the WMYLC Conference was receiving the same communication as a whole while we work through all of the issues Mother Nature has thrown at us this spring.  As you should know by now, the 2015 spring season has been delayed until April 11 due to the current situation.  What you may, or may not know are the reasons behind this decision and how we will proceed.  Hopefully, the information in this message will help you to understand how decisions were made on behalf of all the teams and players within the WMYLC Conference.

First, we made the decision to take into consideration the availability of fields to the majority of our programs.  Many of our programs utilize fields run by their respective counties which are not accessible prior to March 15 of each year.  Due to the amount of snow, and its timing, this past winter, both Montgomery County and Frederick County made the decision to close their fields until April 1.  In addition, FCPS fields are also closed at this time because they are just not playable.  based on the number of programs impacted we felt it was not fair to start the season when many programs would not even have had the chance for a single field practice prior to their first game.  Of course, we cannot delay the season forever and it may be that some teams find themselves in this situation regardless.

In addition to field availability, we needed to take into consideration the calendar.  Easter is April 5 of this year and Memorial Day is also early, falling on May 25.  We could not ask families to play games on a religious holiday, and there really is no need for discussion on this point.  As for Memorial Day, we did discuss the possibility and while we decided that at this time it was too late to add that weekend to our schedule, we may look at doing so in the future as our season is difficult to achieve in the amount of time the calendar allows.  So what was left is a season beginning on April 11, consisting of 8 games in a 6-week time period.  Not enough time to truly enjoy the great game of lacrosse, but hopefully meeting the needs of our families.

For the first time in Conference history, we are using an outside contractor to put our complex schedule together.  This was decided based on the feedback from programs over the past couple of years and the need to simplify the process.  During our scheduling meeting in January, program coordinators provided information for the scheduling process and were informed that schedules would be made available the week prior to opening weekend.  In our day of immediate satisfaction and jammed pack schedules it seems that some are not satisfied with this process.  While it would be nice to have a detailed schedule for your team several weeks in advance, that is impossible because of the number of changes and requests that have been made by individual programs.  We could, and may need to in the future, exclude programs/teams from our Conference that don't fit nicely into a division- other sports programs will do this- shut a division when a certain number of teams have registered, only allow programs to participate if they have a team at every age division, etc.  but we hope that we do not need to take such measures.   As a group of volunteers we do our best to put together the best possible experience for your players.  Be patient.  Remember you will have a game the weekend of April 11.  You may have to figure out which parent is going where, or a carpool to get a child to their destination and we understand that as we are all parents who have had to do the same.  The time line set up by the Conference should not impact your ability to make arrangements.  If at some point in the next few days the situation changes, we will immediately contact all programs and get that information out there, however we are not anticipating the need for such communication. 

Working together, we can and will have a successful 2015 spring season.  If you have questions, please refer to our website for information in general and how to contact the Board:  www.WMYLC.org  We also suggest you like our Face Book page for up to date information on not only our Conference, but happenings in our lacrosse community and youth lacrosse in general.

Thank You,


Tina Sanford

Jason Schimtz
Boys' Coordinator

Matt Watkins
Girls' Coordinator

David Frankauski

Charles De Witt

John Langley
Special Events Coordinator

George Grillon
Education Coordinator





As far as practice is concerned, Boys will practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Food Lion field when weather and conditions of the field permit. With snow predicted for Thursday, this is a difficult issue to predict. However, we are hoping to have a practice schedule organized by this weekend.
Games are planned to start the last week of March.
Rick Wolf will be coaching the Boys U13 team and I will be coaching the Boys U15 team. Each of us are asking for as many volunteer assistant coaches as possible such that an organized practice can be carried out at each opportunity.
Thank you for your patience. Hope the weather gets better soon.
George Grillon
Boys Coordinator
FSK Jr Eagles
Cell:  410-596-2774





For more information about the programs and if there is still room on teams available contact:

Girls LAX: Matt Watkins matthew.j.watkins.sr@gmail.com
***ALL Girls teams are at capacity except for U-7 contact Matt if interested in U-7***

Boys LAX: George Grillon omfs_specialists@verizon.net
***There will be no Boys U-7 or U-9 teams in 2015***


Practices are planned to start as soon as fields are in playable condition. More information will be posted on this website.



I hope you all have been following the NOCSAE helmet certification issues that have arisen over the last month.  If you have not, please see the article here for an explanation.   Long and short of it is two lax helmets were stripped of their NOCSAE safety certification: Cascade R and Warrior Regulator. 

Cascade recently reached an agreement with NOCSAE that would allow Cascade to modify the very popular "R" helmet to meet the NOCSAE standards.  Modified helmets will receive certification sticker showing that the modification was completed in accordance with the standard. This process requires helmets to be returned to Cascade; with all costs associated with the modification and shipment covered by Cascade.  An explanation of the process can be found here.   
There has been no resolution to the less popular Warrior helmets as far as I know.




While officials do not actively look for equipment issues, if discovered or pointed out, it will result in a penalty and the player will not be able to play with the illegal equipment.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thanks -
George Grillon
Jr. Eagles Boys Coordinator
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